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Side Marker Cover Kits - $10.00

Cover up that side marker lamp with one of our vinyl kits. These easy to apply kits give your side marker lamps a custom look.


These kits compliment our backup light covers and soon to be released fog lamp covers.


Note: These kits will also work on the Saturn Sky.

side marker custom text side marker slotted side markers mesh honeycombbackup3

Slotted Version

Small Circles Version

Honeycomb Version



Decals will come with a premask tape. Cut the desired decal out with scissors. Make sure the surface is clean and free from dirt or grease. Use of an alcohol wipe is recommended to clean the area prior to install. Peel the paper mask away from the backing paper. Line up the edge of the decal that faces forward with the side marker. There is extra vinyl to wrap over the inside to hide the yellow color. Press firmly with your fingers, smoothing it all the way across. Use a credit card or something stiff and rub the surface of the masking tape firmly but don't wrap the edge around yet. Peel away the mask at a 45 degree angle and then fold over the remaing vinyl inside the fender edge.