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Sky Badge Recolor Kit

Sky Badge Recolor Kit


This vinyl kit will recolor your

factory badges. Kit includes

Front,  Waterfall, Rear

& Wheels. Please choose add to cart below the color you want.

$10.00 plus shipping

basic colors.

$20.00 for carbon fiber

satcolor1 satcolor12 satcolor14 satcolor21

Note: These are solid precolored vinyl kits. (except carbon) They are not painted . The color match to paint is not guaranteed to be an exact paint match. We have carefully chosen the closest colors that match the factory paint as possible.



Decals will come without  a premask so you can take each piece out individually. They will all be on one sheet. Cut the desired decal out with scissors. Make sure the surface is clean and free from dirt or grease. Use of an alcohol wipe is recommended to clean the area prior to install. Line up the decal and press firmly with your fingers, smoothing it all the way across. You are complete.